Sunday, February 24, 2013

Hey y'all, I'm afraid I have some bad news.....

which will explain why I've been so long getting back here to my blog.  Back on the 7th of January I went to the doctor because for a number of months I have had a knot at the back of my jaw, in front of and below my left ear.  I thought maybe I might have TMJ because it was painful (of course, I really don't know much about TMJ), but the doctor's PA told me "no, it's not is a parotid mass and I need for you to have a CAT scan tomorrow".  They scheduled it for 1pm...I went and my hubby and I stopped and picked up Taco Bell for lunch and just as I finished mine, the phone rang and they wanted me to be back at the doctors office at 9am the next morning.  When I got there she said that it was definitely a parotid mass and there was a possibility that it could be cancer and she wanted me to see an Ear, Nose, Throat specialist that afternoon at 4pm.  He looked at the scan and said that it was cancer but he needed to know what type cancer cells were there, so he scheduled me for a biopsy at 12pm the next day.  To make a rather unhappy long story short, I have stage 2 cancer of the parotid gland, which is the largest of the salivary glands and after several other doctor's visits it was decided that I would take seven weeks (35)  of radiation treatments.  This past Friday was my 10th treatment...............10 down, 25 more to go.  My chances of beating this are 70%, and that is pretty good odds!  Please include me in your prayers!!!!

Needless to say, since we had just moved into our new home prior to Thanksgiving, I'm still not completely unpacked, so I have stored the unpacked boxes in our guest room until I am feeling better.  Prior to finding out that I had cancer I had pretty much got my craft room together and taken a few photos.which I will share with you all today!  And in a few days I will have a card to post that I am making for my sister's birthday which is March 30th.   By the way, she is battling breast cancer that was found when she had a heart attack back in we are good support for each other!  Here are the photos of my Craft Room/Den in our new home............later when I get everything finished, I will post more current photos.

Since taking these photos, I have made a few minor changes that you will see in the photos that I take when I am completely finished.  I am actually using the Master Bedroom since it is so large.....much larger than we need just to sleep in.  I have been collecting the Jet Max cubes for quite some time and some of those is what I used to make my craft desk and I had a piece of glass custom cut to fit the top.

Well I can only say how fortunate that I am to have such a lovely new home and craft room to be sick in!!!  Thanks for stopping by and please come back by in a few days to see the card that I'm making for my sister, it's been so long that I am almost out of practice....LOL!!!