Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I LOVE using vinyl!!!

I bought these "tumblers" at Bed, Bath and Beyond about six months ago and I knew I wanted to use them with vinyl, but not sure exactly how and then I started seeing what peeps at the MTC Forum were doing with monograms and that settled it.  I made these for my son and his wife as part of their Christmas this year!

Every week we get together with some of my husband's siblings to play cards and we all use wooden card holders....they come in so handy and I decided to put our names on them in vinyl.  Here is a photo of three of them that I've done!

If you've never "played" with vinyl, you don't know what you are missing!!!  

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Beth said...

I realize it's almost a year later that I'm commenting on this post, but I just found these tumblers on Pinterest.

I love using vinyl, but have not done a split design yet. I have not seen this done with names on tumblers yet and it looks awesome & seems more practical! Have a Blessed 2013!