Sunday, July 15, 2012

Summertime is so busy!!!!

Hey everyone!  Trust me, I am still alive and well!  We have had company and we went on a camping trip, plus we've been trying to get our house sold, so I've had no time for crafting and I have to admit that I'm starting to feel withdrawal pains...LOL!

The only thing I've a had a little time to do is observe some of the beautiful wildlife of South Africa via Ustream and  The animals are really stunning!!!

 I've got to share some images of a waterbuck bull that I saw at the Djuma Waterhole via Ustream this morning.  He was so handsome that I named him "George Clooney"!!!  Here are three shots of him that I captured.

Isn't he absolutely gorgeous!!!!

Hopefully we have a buyer for our house and can get moved really soon so that I can get my craft room set up to start creating once more.  If the deal does not go through, then I'm going to go ahead and pack up my craft room after I weed out the items I'm no longer using and redo my room and only unpack a portion of it so that when we do get the house sold I won't have so much packing to do.  We want to move closer to family now that we are getting older.  Plus with my husband's health issues it will be better to be closer to doctors and hospitals.  It's just the moving that is a problem....God only knows that I dread it!!!

Till next time my friends!!!

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