Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Hey......do ya want the bug????

The "node bug" that is!!!

Today when I was reading posts at the Makes the Cut Forum, I came across a post entitled "Bug Bite" and figured someone had gotten bitten by a really bad bug and to my surprise she (Sharon, aka/daffeydil) had posted a picture of a cutting file that I had designed during one of Klo Oxford's free live classes back in November of 2010!!!  I believe the class was regarding "node editing" in the Pazzles Inspiration Studio software and some of us in the class starting joking like "well, I did not node that"...LOL  One of the gals in particular was Paula (aka/massofhair) from the UK and we still to this day get a big hoot of it.  At any rate, that's how the "Node Bug" was created!  When Klo went to the UK to do some classes there, Paula even sent me a "Node Bug ATC" she had made for me..........I still have it!  I thought maybe some of you might like the cutting file to use on maybe some kind of "get well" card or even a scrapbook layout, so I decided to share it!!!  Just click on the format you prefer to go to the download and then consider yourself "bug bit"!!!


1 comment:

massofhair said...

Hi Pam
Great to see the Node Bug once again and to know you still have the ATC.

You created a fantastic file and i'm glad you are sharing.

Take care and hope to see you at class again one day soon :-) xxx