Saturday, July 12, 2014

Let's make our own "enamel accents"!!!

No card today y'all.....instead this is going to be a "learning experience"!!!  I don't know about y'all, but I am a huge fan of "The Frugal Crafter"........a person can learn a lot from this lady, not to mention that her YouTube videos are just downright entertaining...LOL  I recently watched one of her videos where she was showing us how to make our own "enamel accents" just using cardstock and decided to give it a go last night.  You can watch her video here.  I did just as she instructed, right down to using a golf tee.........thank goodness my DH is a golfer!  For those of us with electronic cutters we can use them to cut our circles in many different sizes.  One thing that I did that she did not, was to use my stylus to get really good coverage of the VersaMark on the dots.   Here is a photo of the ones I made last night and this morning.  Please note, the bottom row are the ones that I made and all the top rows are ones that I purchased and trust me, they don't come cheap!!!

Here are some notations regarding the "red arrows" you see on my photo.  The top one is to point out that you don't want to use 3 applications of the Utee or Suze Weinberg "Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel"....two is plenty as there is so much of it that it somewhat changes the shape of the dot!  The next "red arrow" is pointing at a dot that I decided to use just regular clear embossing powder, which I did not like at all.  The next two "red arrows" are pointing to the cardstock that I used to make the accents.  The first one is the cardstock that I used to make the "grey" accents and believe it or not, that paper is actually a lilac color but after embossing it turned grey, so if you are wanting to make specific colors to match your project, you will want to test prior to making a bunch of them!!!  The red one I made turned out almost the same color and on that one it did not look shinny enough to me, so I added one coat of clear nail polish.  

At any rate, y'all go watch Lindsay's video and start making your own enamel accents....she is the one that taught me how to make mu own "metallic paints" using cheap eye shadow.  Start watching her and you will learn a lot!!!


Barbara said...

Thanks for the tip, Pam! Those are beautiful enamel dots!

~~~Carrie~~~ said...

Thanks for posting about the enamel dots!!

Annette Ayala said...

I enjoy Lindsay's videos so much. It's great to see how good your dots turned out.