Saturday, February 1, 2014

Check out my Dollar Tree Fun Foam "Paw Print" Stamp!!!

Oh WOW.....have I been playing today or what???  I think it was last week that I was playing with the Dollar Tree Fun Foam, which is super thin and I am able to cut it with my Cameo.  Here is a photo of my test cuts.

For those test cuts, I actually used my Click It 'n Cut! Click Blade Holder to the do the cuts.  I did the first cut with the Blade at 3, Speed 3 and Thickness 33 and then did a second cut with the Blade at 4. Funny thing is that the orange piece of fun foam already had a hole in it!  By the way, the package I bought has ten sheets of 8"x12"......two each of orange, blue, yellow and green.  Pretty good for just a $1!!!

Well, this afternoon after playing with my "paw print" file that got me to thinking that I should make me a "stamp" out of my file.  I actually wanted to make it with a bunch of paw prints but that did not work out so good, so I wound up making a single "paw print" stamp.  For the base, I used some Recollections 110 cardstock and then I cut two layers of the fun foam.  I first glued one layer of the green fun foam to the white base using Aleen's "Clear Gel Tacky Glue", let it dry and then glued on the second layer of the green fun foam.  Then I used some Aleen's "Tack-It Over & Over" to the bottom of the base layer, which after you let it dry good is repositional and thus I was able to use it with an acrylic block.  It worked great and I was even able to clean it with stamp cleaner....not perfect, but pretty dang good. Here are some photos!

I also want to mention that I cut the paw prints with my Cameo, one pass with the Blade set to 9, Speed 1, Thickness 33 and it cut perfectly!!!  I don't know how long this little homemade stamp will last but if it wears out, I saved my cut file and I will just cut another!!!  Hey, thanks for stopping by twice in one day!

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SueR said...

You are so creative! Can't wait to see my birthday card these paws will be on!